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Youdan Trophy Grassroots

Tournament Name:
Youdan Trophy Grassroots

Tournament Organiser:
You Are The Ref

Tournament Web Address:


Entry Fee:
Tournament prices are per person for 3 nights Bed, Breakfast & Evening Meal : £169.00

Tournament Email Address:

Tournament Address:
Unit 3

Acorn Business Park


S8 0TB

Tournament Information:
Here at the Youdan Trophy, one of Europe’s most prestigious tournaments, we’re once again celebrating the world’s first-ever football competition and rich footballing history of Sheffield with yet another addition to our family of competitions. The Youth Grassroots tournament begins on Friday 18 to Monday 21 August 2017 and is open to all clubs in the specified age groups who wish to partake. Click on the link below to express interest for your team. Compete, play and ENJOY!

Club Secretary


Nick Armitage


Allendale Junior Football Festival

Tournament Name: Allendale Junior Football Festival
Tournament Date: 05/08/2017
Tournament Organiser: John Martin
Tournament Web Address: www.allendalefootballclub.co.uk
Team Age Groups: Under 8’s, Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s, Under 14’s
Entry Fee per team: 30
Tournament Email Address: allendalefootballclub@gmail.com
Address 1: Allendale Sports CLub
Address 2: Allen Mill Cottages
Town: Allendale (Hexham)
Post Code: NE47 9EQ
Tournament Image: U8_sm3wkk.jpg
Tournament Information: We are looking to run separate competitions for each of the following age groups:

Under 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s & 14s – Please note that the age groups are based on next season’s (2017/18).

Format of 5 aside for the under 8s and 7 aside for the remaining age groups.

Maximum squad sizes will be 10 per team.

As in previous years, we’ll structure the day in two halves with several of the age groups playing simultaneously in the morning and then the other age groups in the afternoon. Once we’ve got a feel for numbers of teams for each age group we’ll communicate if they are playing in the morning or afternoon session. When you are submitting your team entry, please specify if you prefer morning or afternoon and we will try to accommodate where possible.

Start time for the morning session is usually around 9.30am and 1.00pm for the afternoon, with the whole day wrapped up by 5.00pm.

The cost of entering will be £30 per team.

In order to secure a place, can I ask that you kindly

1.confirm by email if you wish to enter a team(s) and for which age groups (please note these should be based on next season’s age group)

I will write again just after the 8th July to confirm your place and finalised format.

Cwmbran Town AFC Festival

Tournament Name: Cwmbran Town AFC Festival
Tournament Date: 09/07/2017
Tournament Organiser: Mark Williams
Tournament Web Address: www.cwmbrantownafc.co.uk
Team Age Groups: Under 7’s, Under 8’s, Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s, Under 12’s, Under 13’s
Entry Fee per team: £25-£35
Tournament Email Address: mkwsparky@hotmail.com
Address 1: Penylan Fields
Address 2: Cord Eva
Town: Cwmbran
Post Code: NP446UA
Tournament Information: Sunday 9th July
U6s, u7s, u8s
Saturday 15th July
U9s u10s u11s
Sunday 16th July
U12s and u13s

Ages 6s to 11s will get a trophy
12s and 13s will be a tournament only winners and runners up will get trophies

There will be BBQ, bouncy castle, ice cream can, sweat stalks.

Parking provided at a local school.

Hope to see you on the day

New Tupton Ivanhoe Summer Festival Of Football U11s

Tournament Name:
New Tupton Ivanhoe Summer Festival Of Football

Tournament Organiser:
New Tupton under 11s

Tournament Web Address:

Under 11s

Entry Fee:

Tournament Email Address:

Tournament Address:
Tupton RUFC

North side,Tupton



Tournament Information:
Saturday June 24th 10.00 am ko 9 v 9 2017/18 age groups Medals for all players Max 14 players No off side Please get in touch for full tournament paperwork

Club Secretary

Under 10s manager

Dave Hoult


BBC want a Grassroots Child to be the star of their New Show!!!

The BBC are currently casting two new leading child roles for the next series of CBBC show JAMIE JOHNSON, about young footballers playing for their school club and academies, and the life lessons they experience. The show demonstrates good sportsmanship and the level of commitment/good behaviour needed to play for academies.

The show is one of the highest rating shows in children’s television and has attracted guest appearances from famous sports stars such as Steven Gerard, Gary Lineker, Ruud Gullit and more. Watch the show here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b08lvm1b?suggid=b08lvm1b

The show will film in 2 x 5 week blocks with 1 week break in the middle to allow children to register at school.

During term-time all cast are tutored, provided by production, as well as all accommodation, food and of course there is a fee involved


We are looking for people who fit either of these descriptions:

  • Girls who look 11-12 years old and are very good at football
  • Boys who look 11-12 years old and have good football skills – confident and funny
Visit Grassroots HERE


To apply parents /guardians please email football@candidcasting.co.uk with:

  • Contact details of how we can reach you by email and phone
  • 2 photographs of your child in football kit – full length and head & shoulders
  • A video of your child playing football. We need to see your child playing football (dribbling, tackling etc.) rather than just doing some keep-ups
  • A short video of your child telling us a bit about themselves, filmed waist up against a plain background – seated or standing your preference
  • Boys – also tell us a joke

If you are applying directly then we must have confirmation that your parents are happy for you to apply.

Please send your application ASAP, if selected you will be invited to attend an audition in London.

Final deadline is the 4th July but please apply as soon as you can


  • 19th July – film football scenes
  • 28th July – rehearsal for acting scenes
  • 31st July – 1st September filming
  • 11th September-13th October filming


Important Safety warning for anyone involved in Grassroots Football.

Please be very careful if you’re planning to get involved in grassroots football, it is not without risks.

We are involved in Grassroots Football and I feel I need to warn people of the dangers!

Beware of the risks associated with Grassroots Football, it will add happiness, it will add friends, it will improve your children health through exercise, it will increase your families social circle and social life, it will fill a part of your life that nothing else will come close to.

The risk of meeting teams, coaches, kids etc that want more from you than just a hello is insufferably high. Many coaches and league officials will want to give you their numbers and ask you to find them if you need any help. We ended up with way too many people that were willing to help us out if we had problems.

Also, you cannot go to a game without a parent, referee, coach etc wanting to have a chat and catch up with you and show genuine affection for being in the grassroots family. All these people being so friendly is very inconvenient. People in Grassroots are way too happy, relaxed, always smiling even the kids will smile, laugh and show levels of respect and integrity you won’t see anywhere else.

You will have no choice but to enjoy the ride, laugh with your football family, share in the highs and lows as one, that feeling that only being part of a team can give you, its very inconvenient.

If you accidently run into a league secretary, you will be astonished by their level of commitment and compassion they have for your team and every other team, they will talk about the game with a love so infectious it will be impossible not to be inspired, they will help you understand matters of welfare and safeguarding and show a drive and determination to make the game a better place for everyone.

Beware of the weather also. The weather is so incredible, you will be sunbathing one minute and the next you will be caught in a downpour,  annoyingly it won’t take the happiness away from these people involved in Grassroots Football, it doesn’t seem to effect them, quite worrying really. You will enjoy the great outdoors and find a love of freshly cut grass on a weekend morning, you will experience feelings you can’t get from the APP store.

After reading all this if you still want to take the risk, give a share and most importantly Welcome to the Grassroots Family!

Woodley Saints Small-sided Tournament and Festival of Football

Tournament Name: Woodley Saints Small-sided Tournament and Festival of Football
Tournament Date: 17/06/2017
Tournament Organiser: Cornelius O’Kane
Tournament Web Address: http://www.woodleysaints.com/football/tournament-overview/
Team Age Groups: Under 7’s, Under 8’s, Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s, Under 12’s, Under 13’s, Under 14’s, Under 15’s
Entry Fee per team: £20 – £35
Tournament Email Address: chairman@woodleysaints.com
Address 1: Berks County Sports Club
Address 2: Sonning Lane
Town: Woodley, Berksshire
Post Code: RG4 6ST
Tournament Image: Website-banner-fun-club-3_ht1duj.png
Tournament Information: Our event runs over 2 days (17/18 June 2017) with all refreshments for adults and children onsite – details can be found at http://www.woodleysaints.com/football/tournament-overview/

The life of a Grassroots Coach…

Standing in work and all I can think of is, what can I arrange for the kids? how can I help them? what sessions can I do? … gets to my lunch break and I still have a million ideas running through my head. . Biting into my sarnie with phone in other hand searching the Internet for ideas and info. ..making the phone calls I need to make and sending the texts out between every bite. ..

Get in from work. . Quick cuppa ( if I’m lucky ) change from work clothes to footy clothes. . Swap bag to holdall and go out the door loading the car and away I go. . ( can’t wait to eventually get home and have tea)

Some weeks are straight forward, some weeks it’s like the kids have just indulged in a bag full of sugar before arriving and even though I’m doing everything I can to make it fun and constant… it still seems more fun for little johnny to grab onto Peter and dive about the floor (constantly), for Steven to do the opposite of everything I’ve asked and for James to want to have a full on conversation with me about his whole day. . Step by step. Minute by minute!!

From start to end I hear “are we playing a match now? “

Quick chat with parents, ideas getting put forward for things we need, things we can do. . Subs to be collected. ..etc. .

Eventually home, see my kids , grab my tea and bed.. ready for the next day. .

Unless it’s a Friday night then I can’t sleep. . Team for next day ?? have they all got  minutes, will they all remember shinnys? have I packed a spare? Eat, breathe, sleep Grassroots football. .!!

Amongst the million other issues and paperwork that you have to sort, parents and children to deal with, meetings etc..

Would I change it? No way !!

Amongst it all. . To see a child achieve something whether it’s as an individual or whether it’s as a team with a smile on their face is the reason why all of the above ( and more) makes it all worth while. .

I’m proud to be a Grassroots Volunteer !!

I’m proud to be a Grassroots Coach !!

Rainford Rangers JFC Football Tournament

Tournament Name: Rainford Rangers JFC Football Tournament
Tournament Date: 10/06/2017
Tournament Organiser: Andy
Tournament Web Address: www.rainfordrangers.com
Team Age Groups: Under 7’s, Under 8’s, Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s
Entry Fee per team: 40
Tournament Email Address: andrewplang@rocketmail.com
Address 1: Jubilee Recreation Ground
Address 2: Church road Rainford
Town: St. Helens
Post Code: WA11 8HD
Tournament Image: IMG_0415_m9tx74.JPG
Tournament Information: Am
u6 u7 u8 boys
U9 u10 boys and u11 girls

Sporting fc grassroots football tournament

Tournament Name:
Sporting fc grassroots football tournament

Tournament Organiser:
Daniel maguire

Tournament Web Address:

U9 to u16

Entry Fee:
£30 a team or 2 teams for £59

Tournament Email Address:

Tournament Address:
Brockhurst road playing fields


West midlands


Tournament Information:
A local football tournament and we are trying to get as many teams playing over the 28th and 29th may.. Age groups ranging from under 9’s up to under 16’s as of the 2017/17 season.


Tournament host

Daniel maguire


Riverside Youth FC Tournament 2017

Tournament Name: Riverside Youth FC Tournament 2017
Tournament Date: 27/05/2017
Tournament Organiser: Gareth Barnes
Tournament Web Address: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/riversideyouthfc/news/riverside-youth-fc-tournament-2017-1740932.html
Team Age Groups: Under 8’s, Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s, Under 13’s
Entry Fee per team: £30.00
Tournament Email Address: gjb1975@sky.com
Address 1: Stoneham Park
Address 2: Stoneham Lane
Town: Eastleigh
Post Code: SO50 9HT
Tournament Image: Riverside 2 – Edited_ocoytp.jpg
Tournament Information: As well as the tournament style football matches there will also be attractions such as a Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Fairground Rides & Games and Craft Stalls. We will also be holding a Prize Draw where some great prizes can be won on the day.

DE Photography will also be in attendance and will be providing photographic souvenirs for all players, parents and teams and the day all at reasonable prices.

Our good friends the Saints Disabled Supporters’ Association (SDSA) will also be there to promote their organisation and their work. The SDSA are also the main sponsor of our tournament for 2017.

Clubs / Teams can still apply for places in the following groups up until the 13th May 2017. No cancellations will be accepted after this date.

Available spaces are as follows (as of 284/4/17):

Under 8* (5 v 5 – Non Competitive) – 1
Under 9* (6 v 6 – Non Competitive) – FULL
Under 10* (6 v 6 – Non Competitive) – 5
Under 11* (6 v 6 – Non Competitive) – 2
Under 13* (6 v 6 – Competitive) – FULL

(*ages are as per the 2016/17 season)

U8 & U9 section matches will take place during the AM session – 9.00am kick off
U10 & U11 section matches will take place during the PM session – 1.45pm kick off

A Club can enter a maximum of 3 teams per age group.
A team must consist of no more than 10 players for any age group.

Entry is £30.00 per team across all age groups. Payment by cheque (made payable to Riverside Youth FC) or BACS (details available upon request).

Places are limited and are to be filled on a first come first served basis. Places are starting to fill so I would urge you to act quickly to avoid disappointment.

All participants will receive a medal for taking part.

(Trophies will also be issued to teams finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th within the U13 competitive section).

Further information regarding our tournament can be requested by sending an email to gjb1975@sky.com.

James Cook, 12, died after collapsing while playing football with friends (Photo: Chronicle Live)

Boy of 12, dies after collapsing on pitch

A boy of 12 has died after collapsing while playing football after school. The boy has been named locally as James Cook.

James was a player of Bishop Auckland St Mary’s Junior Football Club and tributes were left on their Facebook page with the message ‘RIP James Cook’.

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