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Quote from a parent “Where’s all the money gone”

I sent a text out midweek about planning a  Christmas party for the team and their  brothers/sisters, nothing fancy just a small function, maybe a Dj, small buffet,  maybe medals and a trophy each to celebrate Christmas etc



This was for my u7s team, I have 6 players with subs of £2 per week total of £48-£60 per month income from subs.

Anyway, I sent a text saying the party would cost approximately £250 which equates to about £40 per child.




I suggested a range of quick ways to raise funds on the text, bonus ball, raffle, or sell tickets for the party to the friends and families.


I received NO response at all, Sunday’s game came and after the game I spoke to everyone to see what there thoughts were. Clearly 2 of the parents had discussed this all week and said the most insulting words possible to me with an air of suspicion


“Where’s all the money gone?”


Had I been in a different setting my reaction may have been different, I informed these parents that there £2 per week believe it or not wasn’t enough to cover strips/league fees/training fees/medals/trophies/ref fees etc.


I am SOOOO angry that I was made to feel that I had done something with the money, the truth is it actually costs me money!!!!


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Diary entry 21/11/15″Very proud coach”

Coaches diary – Today i enjoyed the greatest experience of my coaching journey to date!!Having chosen the team to start todays game while enjoying my morning coffee i knew the lad I’d chosen to play up front would not be happy about starting in that position (he has confidence issues and is not a big fan of running with the ball), and i was right he was not impressed!! 

I pulled him to one side before the game and had a one to one chat with him, basically telling him i knew he was capable of going out there getting the ball under control and scoring, and that he needed to believe in himself!! 
End result – two goals, MoM and one very happy young lad (and coach).