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JCGFC Girls Football Festival

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JCGFC Girls Football Festival

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Nathan Wood

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U8-U16 Girls

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36 Southview Road




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Dedicated Girls Football Festival now in its 4th Year. 2 Year age bands from U8 to U16. Entry £20 U8’s all others £25. Round robin groups followed by Trophy/Plate. U8 5 aside, U10 & U12 6 aside, U14 & U16 7 aside. Women’s Euro 2017 Theme. Radio Presenter, Music, Food, Drink, Ice Cream, Face Painting, Respect, Fun

Club Secretary


Nathan Wood


Enough is Enough!! Referees Mum speaks out when her child is abused.

As a parent of a 15 year old newly qualified referee, I simply couldn’t continue to sit back and say nothing anymore. What my son has been subjected to would not happen in any other walk of life or profession.

My son has been involved in Grassroots for about 10 years, earlier this year he asked if he could earn a few quid on a weekend and still be involved in the game by becoming a referee.

I must admit I have followed my sons footballing journey over the years and have watched most of his games and seen how refs were treat so had reservations. My son however was adamant, he was a confident lad and thought he would do a good job, and like he said “I could get a part tim job doing something I hate or something I love”

With this in mind I supported his qualification and was so proud as his mum when he qualified as a ref. I went to watch my son ref the games and was just as proud watching him as the other parents on the sidelines watching their players.

What I have seen in a few months watching my son referee is absolutely ridiculous, he has been ridiculed, sworn at, abused verbally and threatened physically, all for what happens during a game. He has got to the point now that he’s become scared to make a decision because no matter the decision, usually comes multiple shouts of disagreement.

The amount of times an incident happens and the default shouts of “Come on Ref” before he has even had a chance to put the whistle to his lips.

I appeal to all parents out there to think again before attending the next game and treat the ref as if it were your child. My son will only take so much and he tells me that his fellow referee’s feel very similar. Heard it before but its true, No Ref – No Game.

Yours in Sport

A Referees Mum


Is the FA preparing to take the first step towards equipping grassroots referees with body cameras in an attempt to combat abuse towards game officials.

With Referees leaving the game in substantial numbers and those remaining complaining of regular verbal and physical abuse.


Wow!!!! Coach receives this text from a parent. It will melt your heart. 

I want to thank you coach for all that you do,

I know that my child looks up to you,

Not only are you helping him develop his sport,

I am aware of how much consideration and thought..

Goes into your sessions and goes into the team,

How your efforts are rewarded,

When you’re seeing them beam.

Some nights I can see that when you arrive,

You look tired and hungry but hold it inside,

Your commitment to my son is second to non,

You listen, your understanding your keeping it fun.


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You are supportive and calm in everything you do,

You have respect for your players,

In return they respect you.

I appreciate your efforts, I appreciate your time,

I appreciate your politeness whenever we whine !! (sorry)

I appreciate your dedication that you give to my child,

Your fun and sense of humour when it’s crazy and wild.

So I just want you to know coach that although I may not say,

your kindness is always noticed,

In many different ways,

It’s noticed from the sidelines, it’s noticed from my son,

It’s noticed from the parents, it’s noticed all day long…

Thank you coach for all that you do,

A Role model i’m proud that my child looks up too.

Thank you



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All hell breaks out a junior football match….

Days after the Chairman on the Surrey Youth league made claims of violence getting of control at Junior football matches we have been made aware of an alleged incident from Leicester on Sunday.  The Leicester Mercury are reporting as follows….

A junior football match was abandoned when one team’s players allegedly launched an attack on the referee, opposing players and supporters
A junior football match was abandoned when one team’s players allegedly launched an attack on the referee, opposing players and supporters.

Two men were reportedly taken to hospital with stud marks to their heads after violence broke out at the under-15s match between Leicester Nirvana Juniors FC and Thurmaston Magpies JFC at Hamilton Park, in Sandhills Avenue, Hamilton, Leicester on Sunday.

Thurmaston chairman and team manager James Harley said his side’s supporters and players had “been laid into”.

Nirvana officials, however, said some of their 14 and 15-year-old players were assaulted by adult supporters of Magpies. Its statement is published in full below.

It is claimed that 10 minutes before the end of the Leicester and District Sunday Juniors’ League game, which Thurmaston were winning 4-0, the Nirvana manager allegedly walked onto the pitch to speak to the referee, who had changed a decision after speaking to his linesman.

Thurmaston chairman and team manager James Harley said an elderly Thurmaston supporter, there to watch her grandson play, told the manager to get off the pitch, and was shouted at.

Mr Harley said the woman’s grandson ran over to intervene, when a Nirvana player started chasing him.
“The next thing, our supporters and players were laid into,” said Mr Harley. “They were fly-kicked, and one man was kicked to the floor.

“One of our supporters had to be taken to hospital with his son after six or eight of them got him, kicking and punching him.

“The ref was fly-kicked in the ribs and put on the floor.”

Magpies’ coach Elfyn Thomas said: “I’d gone onto the pitch to tend to our goalkeeper who’d got a cut in a collision with one of our own players.

“When I turned round to look back up the pitch, all hell had broken loose. About six or seven of their players, not the whole team, just flew at our players and supporters feet first.

“I was stood about five yards away from the ref when one of their players launched at him feet first and caught him in the ribs, winding him ad knocking him to the floor.

“The ref had done nothing to provoke it and there had been no problem until this happened. The police were called. They took statements and one parent handed over some video.”

Referee Nigel Garner, who is also the league secretary, said he had been asked not to speak about the incident by the county FA while an investigation is under way.

A Leicester referee, Stewart Walker, who spoke out in the Mercury on Saturday about violence at children’s football games, said: “I hope Nigel is okay, he is a great ref and person and I am just shocked to hear it has happened to him and I hope he gets better soon.

“All I know is he was assaulted and the police were called. I’m surprised it has happened to him, but as I know myself, things are getting worse.”

A Leicestershire Police spokeswoman said: “We are investigating reports of an affray at about 11.45am on Sunday involving a number of people.

“It is unclear what injuries were suffered. Inquiries are in their early stages. There have been no arrests and the investigation continues.”

Keith Murdoch, chief executive officer at Leicestershire and Rutland County FA, said: “We are aware of incidents reported at the game which we are investigating.

“Until such time as we are able to conclude that, we are not able to say anything which may prejudice the investigation.”

Statement from Leicester Nirvana
In a statement, Leicester Nirvana said: “For the second time in four years, youth from Nirvana Football Club had to witness adults become physically aggressive and assault 14 – 15-year-old boys at a game.

“The alleged offence occurred at an Under 15’s football game between Leicester Nirvana and Thurmaston Magpies FC on Sunday at Hamilton Park.

“Nirvana feel compelled to share their shock and disappointment at the events that many had to witness.

“The incident was further inflamed after 14 -15 year old boys from Nirvana were attacked by two middle aged adults (from the opposing spectators) that attended the fixture, resulting in further melees.

“The Leicestershire County FA, the league and the police have all been notified and are all commencing investigations. We will work with all mentioned and any others necessary to ensure this matter is dealt with and resolved in a swift and satisfactory manner.”

The statement added: “The club takes its safeguarding duty with the utmost seriousness and will not under any circumstances put the safety of our players or any others at risk.

“We will work with all parties to ensure this matter is dealt with and resolved. We are sure members from the opposing club, as are we, disappointed to have been put in this position.

“All names of those involved in the fixture have been provided by the club. Our hope is that the opposing club also does the same, especially forwarding the names of the two male adults who physically assaulted and attacked minors on a football pitch.

“The continuing catalogue of incidents by adults against children/ youths demonstrates there is a real need for solutions and a constructive and informed debate with the police and those who govern football.”
Reporter  Alan Thompson

Courtesy Leicestermercury.co.uk

Teams gear up for Set Your Stall Out Weekend

This year’s Set Out Your Stall Weekend (SYSO) is set to be the biggest ever.


SYSO, is the traditional curtain-raiser to the start of the Respect Season and takes place over the weekend of September 10/11. At the last count, the number of teams signed up to take part in was close to 1,500 teams – already 25% up on the numbers for last year and 100+ leagues will be involved.


This year, The FA has provided a free range of new Respect resources for clubs which serve to help create a positive environment to play the game – particularly among young people. These include Respect posters, touchline lanyards, bootlaces, sweatbands and armbands.


These supplement the Respect boards, badges, bibs, signage and other promotional resources that are currently provided through the Football Foundation Respect Equipment scheme at a 50% discount.


Surrey County FA is leading the way with a range of activity featuring the County’s Charter Standard Club of the Year (2014), Banstead based, Beecholme Belles. The club have Respect t-shirts, water bottles, temporary tattoos and pop ups they will be displaying on October 11th to promote the campaign.


The following week, Vanarama National League side, Woking FC will play host a series of Respect activities ahead of their game against Wrexham on October 17.


The FA’s Respect programme is now in its eight season and although the volume of cautions are roughly the same – all dissent cautions – (abuse or back chat to referees) – has declined by 23%. This improvement is reflected in a decline in all misconduct charges, dismissals and to everyone’s relief – assaults on referees. There are now approximately 27,000 registered referees up from circa 23,000 in 2008. More importantly mentoring to young referees and the coverage of fixtures has improved considerably as has enjoyment of games.


FA Respect Manager, Dermot Collins said: “What these stats mean in reality is a more positive and enjoyable environment for the game to take place in and because of this it’s much more likely that we keep coming back week after week – whether as players, referees, volunteers, parents or spectators.”


The FA are keen to hear about their experiences of ‘Respect – Set Your Stall Out’ email a picture to Respect.info@thefa.com or tweet with #SYSO – the bunch will be retweeted through FA channels.


For more details activity in Surrey, contact stuart.flint@surreyfa.com