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Grassroots Survey Results………

The results of our Grassroots survey have been overwhelming. 

At Grassroots we held a survey about missed games due to the British winter weather. 

With some teams having not kicked a ball for 9 weeks due to waterlogged pitches etc. 

We asked “Has the time came for seasons to be moved”

The overwhelming response. Was yes, with a massive 78% of participants voting to move the season. A few options were put forward with the following being the most popular. 
The preferred option seems to be

League starts

March-Mid July

Break for school holidays

Mid July – early Sept

Season resume


With a mini Futsal or Indoor league to be played Dec-Feb.  

Large scale investment into Grassroots football, ground maintenance and 3G pitches can no longer be relied upon. 

The above is a very quick and easy way to guarantee more games and less cancellations. 

Leon, South Shields

We have to agree with majority on this subject, It would certainly be easy to facilitate and wouldn’t involve huge costs but significantly increase the game time around the UK and reduce the number of cancelled games 

Grassroots survey results for this weekend…..78% of Games called OFF!!!!

Grassroots survey 78% of Games OFF. 

We did a survey yesterday on Twitter regarding games called off due to weather this weekend. 

 Worryingly out of everyone that entered these were the results. 

78% of Games were OFF

22% of Games were ON

Rain was the main cause of cancellation. 

I accept at times weather is bad but in fairness other countries cope ok by investing heavily in drainage, 3G and ground maintenance.
 What’s more disappointing is that a lot of teams also had multiple games called off in November and December. 

Glossop jnrs this morning. 

UK weather  1               Grassroots    0

Storms, high winds, rain, sleet and freezing cold weather have put a huge dent on games today and with storms continuing tommorow large scale fixture disruption is anticipated again. 
Some games did go ahead today, above we have the freezing cold parents of Glossop Jnrs

Above is the #Respect handshake from Glossop Jnrs.

The UK notoriously has poor weather at this time of year and the Summer league/Futsal for winter league debate has been hot as ever on Twitter. 

Here’s hoping for better weather next week for the final games of the year.