FA “Safe Session” – Football Tennis



  • Set up an area 10×10 yards.
  • Players work in pairs.
  • Four cones.
  • One ball.
  • Set cones up in straight line (like a tennis net) halfway between players.

Session information

  • Establish social distancing conditions to ensure no misunderstanding.
  • Player one serves the ball from their hands – allowing one bounce and then passing it through the air to opposite side.
  • Players use one touch to control before sending ball back over the net.
  • First player to 3 points wins the game; play the best of 5 games.

Coaching points

  • Encourage players to use both feet to control and pass the ball and to pass with different surfaces of the foot.


  • Progress the session by making the playing area smaller and by rotating players to play against other teammates.

Coaches returning to football activity during COVID-19 must follow Government and FA guidance.

Before setting up any of the sessions below, make sure you read our wider guidance, so you’re prepared for your return to coaching.

Also keep in mind that it would be ideal if footballs are only recovered or moved round the pitch by using feet, rather than picking them up.

Source – The FA Bootroom