Bag pack farce!!!

Don’t want to sound negative, but after a recent team meeting 3 weeks ago, parents and coaches agreed the players needed winter coats at £30 each, I suggested a bag pack and spent 4 hours emailing supermarkets. I managed to get lucky and was offered a slot this weekend. 

I devised a timetable for parents to be allocated slots, me and my wife and brother in law agreed to be there all day and asked the 22 parents to arrange between themselves a 2 hour slot. 

This has turned into a complete farce and I literally only have 3 names on the timetable!!!!

I cancelled the slot to give another team the opportunity to raise funds,  I have probably spent about 20hours trying to arrange and now it’s cancelled. 

Such a shame because that one day would of really helped me as a coach to raise money for the year.