Little Tiny Hands by a Proud Footy Mam…. 

Little Tiny Hands

Your 9 years old and do us proud….as u save a goal, the roars are loud!

Soaking through, your smiles are seen….with your friends in toe, your all so keen.

Playing together in hail, wind or sun….. You take it all in while having fun.


At boys club level, saving goals….your wee heart lies between those 2 poles.

Like father like son, dad trains u great…. “use your voice ‘Kasper’ your mates”.

your quick of your line and diving real fast….. being sure that your team never comes last.

Our bestest wee pal your coming on a treat…. getting taller and strong with extremely fast feet.

Standing at the side we all feel grand…while watching Little Tiny Hands.

Proud Footy Mum 2016 x