Is the FA preparing to take the first step towards equipping grassroots referees with body cameras in an attempt to combat abuse towards game officials.

With Referees leaving the game in substantial numbers and those remaining complaining of regular verbal and physical abuse.

Refcam or Body worn cameras have been discussed for many years as a solution, we wrote about and reported on the effectiveness of Refcam in other sports many years ago. The subject it seems has been resurrected and seen as a realistic option to support referees.

The ability to produce digital evidence of abuse could offer the referee the instant on scene support and more importantly evidence to lay before the county FA to support any complaint of abuse.

As always a period of consultation will be expected, after discussion at the FA referees’ committee, the Refcam may well be discussed by both the board and technical committee of the Professional Game Match Officials Board, the organisation for elite referees in England. It could then theoretically move on to the agenda of the International Football Association Board, football’s rule-makers.

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