The Grassroots Report it APP  allows you to report unacceptable behaviour and practice and also celebrate the best of grassroots football. Have you seen poor behaviour from coaches, spectators, players, parents or anyone associated with Grassroots and want to report it?

Grassroots report it APP also allows you to report any positive behaviour, practice, incident and celebrate fantastic behaviour. We ask you now to stand up for grassroots football and not to be a bystander, be a supporter and Report it.

Lets join together and stamp out unacceptable behaviour and practice and see the game flourish. The APP allows the user to instantly REPORT incidents within the Grassroots game. Easy to use and understand, 2 easy reporting options RED and GREEN. Simply press RED to report unacceptable incidents, poor behaviour and practices that you have witnessed within the Grassroots game.

This information will be sent direct to the FA for investigative purposes. Simply press GREEN to report any positive incident that you would like to make us aware of to help celebrate the the best of Grassroots football.

“Together we are the foundations of grassroots football we can either choose to let it go to ruins and keep continuously complaining or we can stand together shoulder to shoulder and support each other to help it improve”.