Survey confirmed as largest Grassroots survey ever in UK

FA Grassroots survey results released
We recently promoted a Grassroots survey on behalf of the FA, just under 30,000 people participated which is a record for the FA. The people have spoken, this is what the FA had to say. 

On Thursday (Dec 10), The FA will be publishing top-line data from the National Game Survey. The survey was conducted during the month of October and received over 28,750 responses. The level of response confirms the survey as the largest research sample that The FA has ever engaged.


Contributions were sought from players, coaches, referees as well as the staff and volunteers that form the 400,000-strong grassroots football workforce offering the fullest picture yet of the experiences and views of those involved in the national game.

FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn said: “First of all I want to thank the near 30,000 supporters of grassroots football who have taken the time to responded to the survey – which makes it the largest ever undertaken by The FA.

“The scale of the response demonstrates the level of commitment that exists to improve the grassroots game and reminds us – if we ever need it – who we are representing and what we are striving to achieve. There are lots of positives, we are listening and ready to act where needed.”