Win £1000 for your Club with Walls Collectors Club

From choir groups to football teams, every community club needs a little helping hand, so that everyone can continue to enjoy them.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Wall’s Collectors’ Club, which will give five local community groups the chance to WIN a slice of a £5,000 CASH PRIZE!

Be quick though, as registrations will close on 25th February!


To sign your local club up, just follow these three simple steps:

  2. Enter your or your local club’s details, including a manager’s telephone number or email address
  3. We’ll contact the club manager to confirm sign-up

Once you’ve received verification, your local club will appear on our website


Once registration has closed, it will be up to you to encourage your club members, as well as family, friends and your local community, to redeem and donate points to your club so you can win the top prize. We’ll be sharing a toolkit, including posters and images for your Facebook and Twitter, to help you spread the word as far as possible.

They will be able to redeem and donate points by:

  1. Purchasing any Wall’s Pastry product, making sure to keep hold of their receipt
  2. Visiting this website
  3. Submitting their name, email and a picture of their receipt to the website
  4. They will then see the list of registered clubs and can select yours to donate their points to

At the end of the competition, the FIVE clubs with the most points will ALL win a £1,000 cash prize!  More on this will be announced soon…

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