Bayern Munich to scrap U9 and U10 teams

Bayern Munich has decided to phase out its U9 and U10 teams.

The U9 team will be phased out in the 2021/22 season and the U10 team in 2022/23. Thereafter, training at the FC Bayern Campus will begin at the U11 level.

Athletic director at the Campus Holger Seitz said, “FC Bayern is aware of its social responsibility particularly for very young soccer players in the Munich area and the neighbouring regions. With this step, it should be possible for the children to develop longer in the familiar setting of their home club without the pressure to perform and without additional time commitment.”

Seitz said the club wants children to have the free time to try out other sports and enjoy other experiences that might “have a positive influence on their footballing capabilities.”

Bayern will compensate for gifted players in the region by allowing local clubs to have special training sessions at the U7 and U8 level at the FC Bayern Campus beginning in 2020/21.

Source Bayern Munich, full transcript from German HERE