Parent mutiny after 2 losses!!! what about the last 9 months?

I coach under 9s in a non-competitive league. So we’re at the at end of a very successful season, results wise. However my son has been miserable for most the season having been played in defence every single week from our first match. He hates it there.
I’ve done this to him myself as I’ve been too afraid of the backlash I’ll get if (God forbid) someone else’s son is miserable for one game playing defence instead. We got into our league final and we lost (only second of the season) then we had our club tournament and they didn’t perform too Well. MUTINY!!!!
Reports of parents taking their sons out, reports of wanting new coaches “squads too big” “moving around too much” “wasted journey”
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To say I was upset is an understatement – two losses and one bad tournament and suddenly the previous 9 months of wins is forgotten. My plan for next year is now out the window after hearing our parents reactions! I had wanted to continue moving around (no set positions) developing players to be well rounded, take my own son out of defence and let him be happy playing his games too.
Development and happiness is taking a back seat to parents who want to win at all costs – set positions, smaller squad, weaker players less time on the pitch. So I either coach next year going against my own values and reasons for coaching or I risk losing too many players and the team folding. What do I do?
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Visit Grassroots HERE

3 Replies to “Parent mutiny after 2 losses!!! what about the last 9 months?”

  1. Stick to your methods your the one committing your time for your players with your vision ! Tell the parents you would appreciate their support and would like them to encourage every player with positives and if they are not willing to support you and ALL of the players they are free to leave..your obviously doing a great job move your son to a postion he would enjoy more because it’s hard enough to coach a team with a sibling in as it is..don’t give in or up and good on you

    1. Look after your son first and foremost. He’ll be around much longer than the team/players. I ruined my sons love of football by taking the easy option in games and substituting him instead of others. It’s something I’ll forever regret.

  2. I started a team 4 years ago and thought if I keep these boys together then in a few years we’ll be flying, from my original 11 I now have just 5 left. Don’t change what you’re doing, ultimately parents will move children for their own reason regardless what you do. As long as you approach developing kids in the right way they can have no complaints, and you can be satisfied you have done your best. However don’t hold your own son back, he will put up with more than any child in your team and deserves as fair a chance as the others.