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Welcome to Footy Mums. Provided by Grassroots, this is your one-stop resource for official Footy Mums merchandise, news, views and information.

Footy Mums is for all those mums who support their children through the highs and lows of grassroots football.

Until their own child became part of a team and club many mum’s had little interest in football. However, we know that as their children get involved, grassroots magic happens, and the game changes the lives of whole families. So many mums tell us that, after a couple of weeks, they can’t imagine life without it, they’re part of a special community who support grassroots football.

At Grassroots we think Footy Mums are heroes. They come out in force to support their children to play football week in, week out. Support from the side-lines is just the start. Footy Mums are the people who make sure kids are where they should, when they should be. They’re the ones who get kids ready to start the game and, when it’s all over, they’re the supportive hug, celebratory hi-five or a reassuring smile that keeps kids coming back time and again. There’s no grassroots football without the Footy Mum.

Their reward for this dedication is the biggest prize in football – their favourite player calls them mum.

So join with Grassroots and celebrate a Footy Mum who makes your games special.

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