Diary of a 15 year old referee……

Saturday That was hard. Two games, two hours in that mud, wind and rain. Glad the kids enjoyed it though. Only one parent today who questioned every one of my decisions. I’ll take that.


All my mates are going out tomorrow but I have my four mini-soccer games to ref. I don’t want to let the kids down. Wish I could go out with my mates though. They are trying to persuade me to miss the football for once. I can’t let people down though.


10pm Best go to bed, got to be there for 9am. Missing Match of the Day again!


9am. First of four games, its freezing! Kids are excited though and happy to be with their friends.


REFEREE!!!! Comes the shouts. A seven year old mistimed his tackle. Nobody hurt, free kick. Lad makes sure his opponent is ok. Still freezing, wonder what my mates are doing. Kids are still loving their football. Great goals, loads of fun and happiness. So why the loud angry voices from the touchline.


A child is trying to tie his laces behind me. I didn’t see him, I tie his laces. Can’t even feel my fingertips. Fourth game, feeling it now. Getting tired, still cold. Kids are having fun still. I am trying my best to get everything right. Not easy but I am trying. Everyone is allowed to make a mistake while learning except me. Why? I have missed lots of occasions and had loads of early nights to referee.


I love it and want to progress. Give me a chance to learn, make mistakes and be my own worst critic. I have met some great coaches, seen some brilliant talented young children. Some not so talented yet but love the game and being given a chance. Some lovely parents with words of encouragement. But the minority can leave a lasting impression.


Stop and think before raising your voice at a child who is learning and is trying his best.