Dear son / daughter,

I am sorry that you have to share me,
That my time isn’t focused on you,
I am sorry you are hanging around after,
Still waiting when the matches are through.

I know everyone else has gone home now,
I know that you are standing right there,
I know you were here extra early,
Believe me when I tell you I care.

I see all the tricks you pull off in the game,
I see how you move,
Hearing me calling your name,
You look at me smiling waiting to hear the big cheer,
But you know how I am careful,
For the word “favoritism” will appear.

When watching the team and doing my best,
I see how you eagerly,
Wish you were just like the rest,
Able to have me all to yourself,
There to support YOU and nobody else.

You see all my worries and stresses alone,
You see me and hear me when Iam planning at home,
We never can cancel,
Or have a random week off,
When you want a sudden change of plans,
The coaching it can never stop.

You sacrifice a lot, many others never see,
Being the coaches son or daughter,
Is not all its cut out to be,
You don’t really get privileges,
If anything you get much less,
Much more pressure is on you,
To consistently be trying your best.

It’s not always easy being a coaches son or daughter,
It’s not really all about them getting more,
They sacrifice a lot, and share a bond that they have,
In a game that they love and adore.

( Written from the heart of a coach who has heard the words from their child “please just come to watch me. No more coaching “) 😞

Do these words sound true or familiar to other coaches ???

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