“Its easy to pick a team, isnt it?”

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to pick a team? They’re only 5 who can play on the pitch at any one time and I’ve got 9 to pick from, I want to put them all on! This is so hard!


So do I pick a team with the 5 most developed players, the players who know how to pass, the players who can find the net and will know more and gel together, that’s my best option to win the game, yes that has to be the way forward, that’s’ what I will do…..But hang on….


What about the less developed players? That means they wont get much game time and they won’t develop if they don’t play! Back to the drawing board…..


Ok, I know, how about I mix it up a little bit then, yeah that’s’ what I will do, I will play the most developed and least developed together to balance the team, we might lose some games because of this but it will develop all my players, its not like at U8s, the parents will be looking for another team just because we lose some games, I’m sure they also want me to develop all my players aswell.


Yes, that’s what I will do, I will play a mixed ability team, it will help develop my least developed players and everyone will get a chance, ah wait hang on………


What if this holds the more developed players back, what if the less developed players feel in adequate or pushed out, what if the more developed players become frustrated playing with less developed players, what if their parents start looking for other teams, last week I heard some critical comments from some parents when one of the lesser developed players made a mistake and we lost the game and what if, what if, what if……..


I know I need a team with all players the same, is this even possible?


Hang on, am I overthinking this?


Its easy picking a team isn’t it?


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