Mum asks strangers to send Birthday cards to Son who’s ‘had enough of life’

Tanya Williams is sending a message to the world and is asking strangers to send birthday cards to her son Rhys, 13, who has a severe skin condition and has said “Hes had enough of Life”.

The heartbroken mum would love to bring some happiness and hope 13 year old Rhys . The 13-year-old uses a wheelchair due to severe epidermolysis bullosa, a condition which results in painful skin blisters, sores and has caused his fingers to fuse together.

Rhys, who is from Bolton,  says he wishes ‘a butterfly would come and take him away’ and his devastated mum is desperate to show him he has something to fight for.

Image courtesy SWNS

Tanya said: ‘He just wants to give up, he doesn’t want to fight anymore. What do you do as a mum?’ With his birthday coming up on 14 September, Tanya, 36, wants Rhys to see that people care and are thinking about him. She says his life depends on it.

After hearing about Rhys we would love the Grassroots community to rally round and send him some famous Grassroots Love, those who want to send a card to Rhys can do so at 40 Whalley Avenue, Bolton, BL1 5UD




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