Outrage – FIFA ban England and Scotland wearing Poppies!!!!

Veterans groups are outraged and believe the two Football Associations should stand up to football’s governing body for the World Cup qualifier on Armistace Day

FIFA has banned poppies from being worn by England and Scotland players at next week’s World Cup qualifier at Wembley.

Football’s governing body said the symbol of memorial is a political statement and cannot be worn on shirts for the game which falls on Armistice Day.

Its rules decree shirts should not carry political, religious or commercial messages.

But the move – which comes five years after England were given a poppy ban in a game against Spain on the eve of Remembrance Sunday – has caused fury among some fans.

Falklands veteran Simon Weston said the FA should risk a potential fine than sacrifice honouring ­British troops for a second time.


He said: “The FAs of both ­Scotland and England should stand up and be counted.”

“Both those countries took part in both World Wars and should take the lead. They should pay any fine has to give them. This is not a political gesture.”

The Royal British Legion added: “We see no reason why the poppy should be banned as it is not a political symbol.”


Credit story to The Mirror