Statement from the Pinpoint Recruitment Junior Football League


Dear Member Clubs

You will no doubt have received a correspondence from Northumberland FA about the suspension of the Pin Point Recruitment Football League

Members of the NFA Board have chosen to suspend the sanctioning of the league for the 2017/18 season, which in our own opinion, have failed to follow their own rules in that it is the NFA Council who decides all football matters, and not the members of the NFA Board. The complaint received by the NFA was by three individuals who the league had suspended until such time as they agree to appear before a league disciplinary panel, to answer serious charges of bringing the league into disrepute in relation to off field alleged offences.

The alleged offences of these 3 persons, included, spending £8,000 without obtaining the correct authority, threats of violence towards a member of the football committee and slanderous comments made in public again against a member of the football committee, to which I am sure you will all agree that no one should ever have to endure.

The league firmly believes that we have acted correctly within the league’s constitution as set out inthe rules as below:

5. (D) The Management Committee shall have powers to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules of the Competition and shall also have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the Competition. Any action by the Competition must be taken within 28 days of the Competition being notified.
With the exception of Rules 6(H) and 19, and subject to Rule 5(I), in relation to any alleged

breaches of a Rule the Management Committee shall issue a formal written charge to the Club concerned. The Club charged is required to respond to the charge within 7 days from the date of notification of the charge

This league has a proud history of over 75 years of offering children the chance to play football throughout the North East. Also the support which it has given, and will continue to give to our member clubs, and also to the 15000 players that plays within the league.

As a league we feel the decisions which we take as an organisation are in the best interests of all our member clubs, and are totally disappointed that this has been caused by the actions of three individuals who think they are above the rules of the competition.

8th June 2018

We have today been in touch with the National FA, and will be lodging an appeal ASAP, which we have been assured by our legal team that they are 100% confident that we will have this decision overturned, which will again, allow us to continue to run a league that provides football for all in the North East of England.

If any club would like to contact the league, please email us and we will ensure every one of them is answered.

Please note any of our board is also happy to take calls should you wish to discuss the matter.

Yours Sincerely


Interim League Secretary

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