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The 23rd Barrowford Celtic Youth Football Tournament 2017

Tournament Name:
The 23rd Barrowford Celtic Youth Football Tournament 2017

Tournament Organiser:
Paul Ashworth

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Entry Fee:

Tournament Email Address:

Tournament Address:
8 Eden Close




Tournament Information:
The 23rd Barrowford Celtic Youth Football Tournament 2017 Info Sheet We are pleased to announce our summer junior football tournament for Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th June 2017. This is an all-day tournament; refreshments will be available to purchase throughout the day.

The tournament will be held at Bullholme Playing Fields, Barrowford, BB9 8PU and the adjacent Swinden Playing Fields, Nelson, BB9 8SJ, Lancashire.

The cost of entry is £30 for U9 & U10, £35 for U11 & U12, £40 for U13 & U14. Max two teams per club for each age group. Age groups present season 2016/17. All teams to be County registered. No academy teams allowed or players allowed. All teams must have played in a grass roots league, season 2016/17, league player ID cards will be required at registration to verify player eligibility.

U9s – Saturday 3rd June (7 a-side) max registered players 12.

U10s – Sunday 4th June (7 a-side) max registered players 12.

U11s – Saturday 3rd June (9 a-side) max registered players 13.

U12s – Sunday 4th June (9 a-side) max registered players 13.

U13s – Saturday 3rd June (11 a-side) max registered players 16.

U14s – Sunday 4th June (11 a-side) max registered players 16.

U13s Girls – Saturday 3rd June (6 a-side) max registered players 10.

U15s Girls – Sunday 4th June (6 a-side) max registered players 10.

For an Entry Form and further details contact: Paul Ashworth Mobile: 07855874555 E-mail: info@barrowfordceltic.org.uk Cheques made payable to Barrowford Celtic Bank transfer details: Sort Code: 05-03-83, Account Number: 34594615, please put name of team and age group in reference area. Closing Date: 12th May 2017 Fully sanctioned by the FA All teams will get as much playing time as possible and allowed by FA guidelines, with waiting times and times between games kept to a minimum. Competition format (if all places filled): 12 teams per age group, divided into 2 leagues, top 2 in each group go through into the Cup semi final, 3rd and 4th progress into the Shield, and 5th and 6th into the Plate. Fair play award for each age group. The tournament committee reserve the right to modify the format of the competition at any time.

Club Secretary


Paul Ashworth



Is the FA preparing to take the first step towards equipping grassroots referees with body cameras in an attempt to combat abuse towards game officials.

With Referees leaving the game in substantial numbers and those remaining complaining of regular verbal and physical abuse.


Want to be a referee?

Why referee?


Refereeing is a great way to be involved in football. There are opportunities for everyone, whether you only want to referee at your local club or progress to the international stage. It gives you the opportunity to remain active in the game following injury or retirement, to make new and lasting friends within the game and to play a huge role in ensuring the players enjoy their match day experience.  


There has never been a better time to be a referee in England. And remember…it can be great fun!



How do I get started?


If you want to qualify as a referee, you will need to be at least 14-years-old, live in England and successfully complete the FA Referee Course.  


To attend an FA referee course you will need to contact a member of the referee development team at your local County Football Association or visit their website to find a course near you.


What are the Laws of the Game?


The Laws of the Game for 11-a-side football are set by The International Football Association Board (IFAB), which features representatives from FIFA, The Football Association, The Football Association of Wales, The Irish Football Association and The Scottish Football Association.  


The Laws of the Game for 2016/17 can be found by clicking here.


What are the different refereeing levels?


Level 1

National List (Premier League and Football League)

Level 2a

Panel Select (Conference Premier)

Level 2b

Panel (Conference North and South)

Level 3

Contributory (Contributory Leagues)

Level 4

Supply (Supply Leagues)

Level 5

Senior County (County Leagues)

Level 6

County (County leagues)

Level 7

Junior (Amateur leagues)

Level 8

Youth (Junior Referee below age of 16)

Level 9


How can I get a Three Lions badge?


Once you have qualified as a referee you will receive a Three Lions badge along with your certificate when you complete all aspects of The FA Referee Course.


If you wish to purchase additional badges, please send a cheque for £5 (per badge) made payable to ‘The Football Association’.


Please enclose a note with your FAN number, address and telephone number on and send it to:


Refereeing Department

The Football Association

Wembley Stadium

PO Box 1966




Referee asking for honest feedback from coaches/parents…..

A young U7 referee asking for  your feedback…

Every week I try to strike a balance between enforcement and development, I realise a more relaxed approach may be warranted at this level with respect to the laws of the game but what is the general consensus to the following issues.

Today I was the referee in an u7 game, here is a few examples;

1. Foul throw – if a player commits a foul throw should I let it go or educate the player, for example giving a second chance. Or should I award a throw to the opposition.?

2. Goal kicks. Had a few issues where the keeper did not clear the ball from the box. I tried to educate and was told ” for gods sake they’re only 6″

3. Pulling a player around the neck in the penalty area. Awarded a penalty to attacking team. Was told again that they are only 6 and I should let it go.


As a ref I try to educate these kids. Grassroots football should be fun but it should also be accurate with regards to the laws of the game in my opinion.

Am I following the rules to literally??

From a coaches/parents perspective what do you think is best??

Would love your feedback and thoughts please. ???


Message from a 14 year old referee. I’m just a school child aswell…

Would you treat me like this if I refereed wearing my school uniform instead of a referee uniform??

FREE Grassroots Mag HERE

Grassroots has given me the platform to speak anonymously so please listen to what I have to say. 

To “THAT” coach who questioned every single decision I made until I doubted my own decisions. 

To “THAT” dad who told his child “it’s pointless son, he’s not going to give you anything”

To “THAT” spectator who is always  1 yard on the pitch despite repeatedly being told “Please can you get off the pitch”

To “THAT” parent who won’t move so the kids can take a throw in or a corner. 

To “THAT” coach who does nothing when others abuse me.

To “THAT” parent who does nothing when others abuse me. 

To “THAT” spectator who does nothing when others abuse me. 

 FREE from Grassroots 

Please remember that I am learning how to be a referee, please remember that I am a school child also but most importantly please remember without a referee you have no game. Please accept that there will be decisions I get wrong, some of these decisions might even be against you, but don’t over analyse these decisions and think it’s a huge conspiracy I have against your team or club, I don’t even know you 

Please don’t judge me like a premier league referee who has had years of experience, 2 professional linesman, a fourth official, goal line technology and cameras covering the whole pitch….and still gets decisions wrong!!!!

I love this game and I want your son or daughter to love this game. 

Respect from all Referees everywhere 


Young referee who spoke out publicly about sideline abuse wins award…….

I’m sure you will remember Emily the 14 year old referee who spoke out publicly about sideline abuse. 
This week Emily was invited to the northern echo local hero awards ceremony. 
She won her category for her stance against sideline bullies. 

This is Emily with her award with Steph Houghton. We just want to say thank-you to everyone who supported her.

Refs needed in Nottinghamshire….

Nottinghamshire girls & ladies league require more qualified referees for matches this Sunday 4th October. We have 7 / 9 & 11 a side games that need cover. If you feel you can assist please message me here or contact our referees secretary Gerry ward via nglflreferees@mail.com