Shooting/Finishing – Tech/Skill

Two strikers have to score as many goals as possible from the five chances they get. The reds and the goalkeeper have to try and stop them and get the ball out of the area. Only one defender can come in at a time. Once that ball is used (goal, miss or tackle), that defender […]

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Passing Combinations

Four areas with three teams. Teams have to get three passes and then do a passing combination into another square. Each time they do this that team gets a goal. Team with the most goals at the end wins. Progressions: – Teams can only move into a free area. – One team is split between […]

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Dribbling Tech/Skill

1: Players can not go into the triangle and must stay near the outside. One player is the chaser while the other is trying to get away. Swap over each time someone gets tagged. Both players have a ball. 2: One player is in the triangle without a ball while the other is on the […]

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Goalkeeping – Shot stopping/Reactions

Coach calls out a colour and the goalkeepers have to dive to that side and touch the ball with both hands. First one wins (against their partner). Reset and then the next one. Progressions: – Call 1 and 2 – Call left and right – Call colour, number and direction – Opposites       […]

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Defending unbalanced Tech/Skill

1 v 2 to the end line. The defender starts with the ball and passes across to the attacker. As soon an the ball is played the game is live. If it goes out then start the game again. Progressions: – Can start with only pressure (no tackling) – 2 V 3 – Add goals […]

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Defending from the front (2 Strikers/High Pressure)

Defending from the front Reds have to try and score in the two red goals. Blues have to try and stop them/win the ball/try and score in the main goal. If blues win the ball then they have only 10 seconds to score (quick transition to push session topic). Key Points: I- (When ball is […]

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Defending Out of Balance (defending third/to goal)

Three vs two plus a goalkeeper, reds have to try and score while the blues have to either slow the attacking team down (over 20 seconds), prevent them scoring or win the ball and play to the three reds waiting past the yellow cones. After a team wins or 20 seconds passes, those players swap […]

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Goalkeeping – Shot stopping/Reactions

Goalkeepers have to shoot at the other goalkeeper’s goals to score. Goalkeepers can’t score in the goals either side of them. Players can either roll, throw or kick the ball (coach can limit to one to make it easier or harder). Progressions: – Elimination (if scored on, that player goes down on one knee, then […]

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