Wow!!!! Coach receives this text from a parent. It will melt your heart. 

I want to thank you coach for all that you do,

I know that my child looks up to you,

Not only are you helping him develop his sport,

I am aware of how much consideration and thought..

Goes into your sessions and goes into the team,

How your efforts are rewarded,

When you’re seeing them beam.

Some nights I can see that when you arrive,

You look tired and hungry but hold it inside,

Your commitment to my son is second to non,

You listen, your understanding your keeping it fun.

You are supportive and calm in everything you do,

You have respect for your players,

In return they respect you.

I appreciate your efforts, I appreciate your time,

I appreciate your politeness whenever we whine !! (sorry)

I appreciate your dedication that you give to my child,

Your fun and sense of humour when it’s crazy and wild.

So I just want you to know coach that although I may not say,

your kindness is always noticed,

In many different ways,

It’s noticed from the sidelines, it’s noticed from my son,

It’s noticed from the parents, it’s noticed all day long…

Thank you coach for all that you do,

A Role model i’m proud that my child looks up too.

Thank you


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