Are they analysing a grassroots or premier league game?

It felt like watching Neville and Carragher discussing a Premier league game…….

Yes that’s right.

On my travels yesterday I was invited to a training session in Leeds to observe the kids, what I observed were a great bunch of coaches with excellent rapport and a healthy team-coach relationship.


The coaches explained to me that they train twice per week and play on Saturdays. It was great to see the interaction between the coaches and children U10s.

I couldn’t help but over hear 2 parents who I happened to be standing next to, they were analysing all parts of last weekends game to a level only surpassed by Sky Sports or MOTD.

I said it’s great the coaches (working lads) spend 2 nights per week every week come hail or shine for your children and spend their weekends on the team.


I was shocked at the reply, both parents told me…

They need to pass more, they need more structure, they need more discipline, they give up to easy, coaching could be better, little Johnny is in the wrong position, the formation is wrong etc etc.

I said “When I look out onto the pitch I see volunteers giving up there time to allow your kids to play a game, they’re  doing it for free, they have raised money for strips, hoodies, tracksuits, coats and I see the respect that only a coach gets from their team. I see happy kids laughing with their coaches and banter between teammates.

What I saw was inspirational, I saw only happy children playing a GAME they love.”