Dribbling/WTB/Turning Tech/Skill

3 players go at a time and dribble to the end performing certain tasks. On the way back they have to try and complete another task. A few examples: – Get to the end with as little/many touches as possible – Go to both sides before getting to the end – Use a certain part […]

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Build up play

The blue team has to try and play the ball through the middle area (dribble, pass through or pass into) to score. The red team have to stop them doing, win the ball and try and dribble it out of the bigger area. Progressions: – Add defenders. – Make the middle area smaller.     […]

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Dribbling Technique / Skill (outside of the triangles)

Dribbling Tech/Skill 1: Players can not go into the triangle and must stay near the outside. One player is the chaser while the other is trying to get away. Swap over each time someone gets tagged. Both players have a ball. 2: One player is in the triangle without a ball while the other is […]

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Using width (attacking organisation and attacking transition)

Blue team have to try and score by can only do so by filling all 5 channels. The defending red team can only go in the central 3 channels to start with. On the transition, the roles switch Progressions: – Defending team can go anywhere but can only fill 3 channels at a time. – […]

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Switching Play Tech/Skill

Three vs three with one neutral. The teams have to score in the other teams goals that are placed wide on each side. At first there is no tackling, only intercepting and blocking. Progressions: – Open up into a normal two goal game – Add more players on each team/take away the neutral     […]

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Defending Centrally 4v4

Defending Centrally Four Vs four in the middle with a goalkeeper and three servers. The blue team have to try to score while the red team have to prevent them from scoring and win the ball. If they win it then they must play to the servers to score.   Key points: – Centre mids […]

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Defending Tech/Skill

1 v 1 to the cone. Attack has to try and pass the ball to hit/knock over the cone. Defender has to stop them and win the ball to become the attacker. Progressions: – Can start with defender only defending and not trying to win the ball (taking it in turns to see which attacker […]

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Shooting/Finishing – Tech/Skill

Two strikers have to score as many goals as possible from the five chances they get. The reds and the goalkeeper have to try and stop them and get the ball out of the area. Only one defender can come in at a time. Once that ball is used (goal, miss or tackle), that defender […]

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