This is our Chairman for Seedfield Sports Juniors FC tonight, we’ve had people break in to the grounds who have been living onsite for the last week or so, they’ve ruined all 5 grass pitches for our age groups from U7’s up to up U18’s and they’ve also emptied our containers today, hundreds of kids unable to play football for the foreseeable future, absolutely gutted 😢

We are raising funds to help get football back at Seedfield for the kids. The site was recently occupied by members of the travelling community. They have moved on this evening, but have left the pitches in a state and taken all of the equipment. They’ve taken everything from lawn mowers, nets, line markers, footballs, literally everything. Seedfield have 13 teams with the children using this facility ranging from age 5 to 16.
Please help our club get back up and running as soon as we can so the children don’t miss out.
The adults who run the club and the teams are all volunteers who give their time to help the children, we are asking for any help, no matter how small to help us rebuild. If you’re unable to donate, please can you share and spread the message. Thank you so much for your support
Please see the clubs Go Fund Me

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