Diary entry – I’m no Alex Ferguson I’m still learning myself

I have recently come into managing an under 7’s team through my own child playing for the team.im enjoying it but learning as I go along so am seeking some advice. 
I was wondering what everyone does training wise?

We train one evening a week indoors (in a school sports hall) then the match on a Sunday morning.

Initially I was very conscious of doing too much as I firmly believe family time is precious. 

Plus on start up with other activities the kids and their families do, there was only one evening the whole team could do. 
Since the season has progressed other teams we are playing are either training twice weekly(with one of those sessions outdoors) or outdoor training. 

Indoor training although it is warmer and we can train at nighttime does have its disadvantages. 

The flooring doesn’t reflect that of an actual pitch and effects ball play. Which impedes the kids development. 

I always intended to begin outdoor training when the weather improved (March time) but am considering alternatives. 

I feel that with the change in weather our players are protected as they train indoors and are struggling to adapt on the pitch on match day.

Our lack of progression in certain areas is also evident.

On Our home pitch we can only play on, on actual match days due to the state of the ground to preserve it for match days.

I’ve over heard a few rumblings from parents with regards to this indoor training and once a week training. 

I’m still learning each week as I go along and would be grateful for any advice.