FA introduce “Power Play” to add an extra player when losing by 4 goals.

Development football is designed to create the best learning and fun experience for young players. To ensure an imbalance in ability does not spoil this, the FA has approved ‘Power Play’ as an option that mini-soccer and youth leagues can adopt. So for example….

– If a team is losing by a four goal difference they can put an additional player on

– so 5v5 becomes 6v5.

– If the score returns to less than a four goal difference the team takes off a player. It does not have to be the last player to come on.

– If a team goes on to be losing by a six goal difference a further additional player can be added – so 6v5 becomes 7v5.

– The main aim of the Power Play option is that all players are being challenged and enjoying the game.

– Power Play is available through all minisoccer football formats 5v5 and7v7

Get your complete FA mini soccer handbook HERE file:///Users/user/Downloads/mini-soccer-youth-futsal-handbook.pdf

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