Storage Container grants from the Football Foundation

Why apply?


The provision of secure storage such as containers is a simple cost – effective way of increasing your capacity for equipment and freeing up space within your site for better use.



You don’t have to be a football club to apply to the Football Foundation, however, grassroots football must be an integral part of your offer.

Who is eligible?

  • A not-for-profit football club or voluntary group
  • A Local Authority
  • A County FA
  • A Professional Club Community Organisation
  • An educational establishment providing facilities for the community
  • A registered charity
  • A not-for-profit company
  • A community interest company (CIC) or other social enterprise
  • A company limited by guarantee

Who is not eligible?

  • An individual or sole trader
  • A national governing body
  • A commercial / for-profit entity
  • A club within the Premier League, Football League, National League System (Step 1 to 6), Women’s Football Pyramid (Tier 1 – 4) or the Welsh Premier League
  • Educational establishments providing facilities solely for their students

About the grant


To apply for a grant to invest in secure storage, we’ll need you to explain why you require the additional capacity on your site.

Storage containers should be stored securely at the applicant’s site as named in the grant application. Purchasing and storing containers off-site isn’t permitted.

We’ll only fund the purchase of new or fully refurbished storage containers with a minimum 12-month warranty. We’re unable to fund the cost of rented or leased storage containers, but grants can be used for the replacement of existing storage containers that have reached the end of their useful life, subject to justification of the need.

Planning permission may be required for the works from the Local Authority before your application is submitted. Where planning consent has not been secured, your application will be processed but no funding will be released until confirmation of planning consent is provided, which may take around eight weeks.

If you believe planning consent isn’t required, we’ll require written consent of this to be provided from the Local Authority. Planning Permission for temporary siting is not considered eligible. Permission needs to be for at least the length of the clawback period of five years. Further information regarding planning permission can be found here.

The statutory fees payable for securing planning permission may be included within your application as a project cost.

If required, we’ll require you to provide written confirmation of the landlord’s consent to undertake the proposed works. We’ll also ask for written confirmation that the storage container and its contents will be fully insured.

Grant limits



The Foundation will award a maximum grant of £25,000 that does not exceed 75% of the total project costs.


To manage high demand and ensure all clubs/organisations get the funding they need, we ask that applicants make no more than one application per season unless otherwise agreed with the Foundation.

Therefore, it’s really important that you take time over your application and ensure you’ve included everything we’ve asked for. This helps make quicker decisions and prevents you from having to submit multiple applications for the same item.

Please note that we cannot accept multiple sites under one application.

Please note: As of 1 July 2023, we will only accept applications from people holding the role of either Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer of the club applying. This will be verified with the County FA during the assessment process and any applications submitted by people not in one of these roles will be withdrawn.

What we’ll fund

  • The purchase of new or fully refurbished storage containers with a minimum 12-month warranty

What we won’t fund

  • We’re unable to fund the cost of rented or leased storage containers
  • The conversion of containers, portacabins or other temporary structures into changing rooms, clubrooms, toilets or catering facilities

Document & tenure requirements


Tenure required

There are no tenure requirements for the purchase of storage containers, but the applicant will be liable for the container for the length of the five-year clawback period.


The Foundation doesn’t currently have a preferred suppliers list. Applicants should source their quotes from a reputable dealer.

Documents required

To ensure your application is processed, you should include the following documents:

  • Two like-for-like quotations for appropriate storage containers from different suppliers – if they are pre-owned/refurbished, they must come with 12 months warranty.
  • Evidence of partnership funding
  • A marked-up drawing or aerial photograph of the site, indicating the location of the proposed storage container(s)
  • Planning approval notice
  • Landlord’s consent to the works

Please note: Please don’t place the order for your storage container until planning permission has been obtained. No funding will be released until this is in place.

Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Your application will then be assessed by our Grant Management Team and you’ll receive an email normally within ten working days with a link to download your decision letter and T&Cs on your Football Foundation account.

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