No-nonsense support for grassroots football.

Sometimes grassroots clubs, leagues and volunteers need help. They don’t look for handouts, but now and then they – and their volunteers – need a leg-up.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Utilita Football Rebooted movement to launch the Grassroots Fund.


What is the Grassroots Fund?

The fund offers help. It’s no nonsense, no strings attached support for grassroots football. It’s easy to apply and we make decisions quickly. All we ask in return is you let us talk about the support we’ve provided. Support is powered by support from the Utilita Football Rebooted scheme.


Who’s it for?

The fund is for grassroots clubs and leagues and the people who volunteer. We’re open to anyone who’s looking for a little help to make a big difference. If our help can make football better, we’re interested.


What’s our aim?

We want to put more smiles into grassroots football. So, if you have a project, an emergency or a brilliant reason to say thank you to someone, we want to hear from you.


How to apply?

To apply just fill in this form. Tell us who you are, which club you represent, why you need help and the difference you think it will make. If we agree, we’ll be in touch to show how we can help. All awards and funding is discretionary and our decision is final. There is no appeal. Clubs and leagues can apply for multiple grants or gifts. By applying you are agreeing to our privacy notice and privacy policy



Who can apply?

Applications must come from an FA-accredited club or league and be connected to individuals or projects involved in grassroots football. Cash funding must be paid into a bank account registered to a club or league.


What is expected of successful applicants

The main purpose of the fund is to help and improve the grassroots game we all love. If successful you may be required to take part in social media and press promotional activity through, Utilita High 5 and our communications partners.


Type of support

Support is tailored to the needs and aims of each application. It can be for anything to improve football and the lives of people who make grassroots football happen. It can be anything, but examples might include:

–          Vouchers for materials to fix up the clubhouse

–          Money to help pay for tradespeople to make improvements to your clubhouse

–          Gifts to show appreciation to volunteers

–          Support to recover from crime or vandalism

–          Funding to help make your facility safe

–          Help to improve your game and playing environment


How long will it take?

The fund is designed to offer help quickly for clubs and individuals who need it. We’ll aim to respond to all applications within 28 days with a  decision. Application is no guarantee of funding being awarded. The fund is limited, sadly we can’t guarantee support for all applicants. The decision to award funding or support rests solely at the discretion of There is no right of appeal.

For help or support contact


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