WARNING!!!! Grassroots club loses £28000 in email scam!!!!

The Guardian has reported on a new scam that one unlucky Grassroots team has fell foul of, the scam which involves emails being sent from what appears to be an official email from your own club asking for payments to be made externally to suppliers has cost Laurel Park FC from Reading £28,000.

The club had expected a request due looking to spend money on its facilities. Only after four payments – amounting to in excess of £28,000 into other Barclays accounts – did it emerge that the emails they  received were false, and had come from a mocked-up lookalike account.

Police have warned treasurers of community groups and small charities have been warned to be extremely wary.

The case will send a shiver down the spine of anyone who acts as a treasurer for a club or charity. Please make yourself aware of this scam as scammers seem to be more than willing to target Grassroots teams.

Read the full story from the Guardian HERE https://amp.theguardian.com/money/2017/apr/29/email-scammers-target-youth-football-team-barclays