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With the grassroots football season coming to a close it is a great opportunity to reflect on the ‘success’ of your season.  Use the five questions below to get a balanced view on your achievements since last summer.

1) Has your team developed as a group?

League positions and trophies are the common way that coaches define ‘success’. However, there are other ways in which your season can be deemed successful. Have your group successfully implemented training ideas into games? Are the team happy to have equal playing time? Do the players take ownership for elements of training and matchday – such as the warm-up or arrival activities? Have you seen friendships begin to form?

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2) Have individual players progressed?

Taking time to consider the individual development of each player in your squad is a good use of time. What was the individual like last summer when you had your first training session of the season? How have they developed across the four corners of player development: technical/tactical; physical; psychological; social. Don’t forget, for some players simply being more confident and willing to communicate at training and in the changing room is a huge success.

3) Have you improved as a coach?

Have you tried anything different with your coaching over the last 9 months? It might be something that you identified on an FA course, through feedback from others or from your own personal reflection. Changing your coaching philosophy and approach can be a long journey. Positive tweaks and changes to your methodology across the course of the season should be seen as success.

4) Has your communication with parents improved?

It is not only on the pitch performance that should be considered when reflecting on your season. What work has been done to develop positive relationships with the parents involved at your club?  Have you shared your playing and coaching philosophy? Have you involved the parents in any of the decision-making processes or involved them at training or on matchday? Time spent developing stronger relationships with all those involved in the club should be seen as a success.

5) Do you have a plan in place for next season?

It can be hard to objectively reflect on your season if you don’t have clearly defined targets to review against. Use this time of the year, and the questions above, to set some goals for next season. And, remember, success can be defined in many ways. What do you want to ‘win at’ next year?


Article courtesy of the Fa Bootroom

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FA Breaking News!! Changes to FA level 1 and 2 courses

The FA has announced revised Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching in Football courses. 

The new qualifications will be available from 1 August 2016 and are designed to modernise the first steps of The FA’s coaching pathway.
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The purpose of the new courses is to create a clear introduction to this pathway, that is aimed at people who want to coach as a volunteer at community club level, or aspire to make football coaching a career. 
Both Level 1 and Level 2 courses have evolved to help address the requirements of the modern game, and have been structured so coaches can enjoy a more flexible and personal learning experience.

Lasting up to four days, the majority of the Level 1 course is spent developing the required coaching skills on the field, with supportive tasks now available digitally. Crucially, coaches will now also be able to enjoy structured one-to-one guidance, from Level 1 and beyond.

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The new Level 2 course lasts ten days over three different blocks of learning and has been re-shaped to better reflect what’s required to coach specifically within youth football. It combines content from the existing FA Certificate in Coaching Football, with elements of the FA Youth Award modules 1 & 2. It has been put together with new content from The FA’s coach competency model.


Both qualifications have been modernised to help ensure there is a consistency in how coaching courses will be delivered at both the grassroots and elite end of the game – from Level 1 to Pro Licence – linking coaching modules to The FA’s England DNA philosophy. Anybody over 16 wanting to learn the basic skills of coaching football can apply.


Head of Grassroots Delivery, Les Howie said: “The modern day coach is ever evolving and these changes represent a significant shift in helping us be able to develop the quality of our grassroots coaching.


“The new Level 1 course provides more individual guided support throughout, and will help the coaches develop an understanding of their own ability. Many coaches have a real enthusiasm and aspiration to work in the game and continue their way through the coaching pathway, which is fantastic. By taking the key elements of the previous Level 2 and Youth Award courses, we are enabling them to do that.


“We know that the grassroots game already has a number of talented young players in the system, and we want to be able to increase that with more quality coaches working with them in youth football.


“However, we also know that a large majority of our grassroots coaches just want to be able to enjoy coaching their local team. Making sure they can develop, improve and learn as coach while enjoying their football is vital. These new courses reflect our ambition to help them achieve that.”


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Tragic Hattrick

The Mum of Field Lane Yellow Sox U11 (Derby) player Harry Phillips suddenly and tragically passed away on Friday! Not only did Harry still want to play today he scored a superb hattrick! 
The team wore black armbands as a mark of respect and with 5 minutes remaining Harry was substituted to a round of applause, not only by his own team but also the opponents Bargate Kestrals in what was a very emotional show of Grassroots respect for a True Grassroots Hero. 
The thoughts of everyone at Field Lane FC and #Teamgrassroots are with Harry and his family at this sad time!


UK Chancellor agrees £3 million donation to Chinese Grassroots!!!!

In a major blow to UK grassroots football, chancellor George Osbourne commits £3 million to Grassroots football in China. 

We are disappointed with this announcement at a time when Junior football in the UK is struggling to make ends meat and clubs are folding daily. 

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