Tempers flare when Coach gives managers player award to his own Son..

Yes, I did the seemingly unthinkable after weeks of consideration I decided to award a player with the Managers Player award, this player was my son who plays on the team.

I’m absolutely appalled by the response from some of the parents who openly said in front of other parents and players, “Your out of order, to keep things fair you should have chosen anyone but your son”


To keep things fair I should not even have considered one of the players!!! My own son, I wonder how anyone else would feel if I had said the same about their child.

If I had given this award to any other player, not an eyebrow would have been raised, I can’t believe how much animosity it has caused to award my son with something.

It was a difficult decision, I considered many factors:

  • Attitude
  • Going above and beyond
  • Sacrificing for the team
  • Willing to play in goal and Defence
  • Virtually every game starting on the bench
  • Helping me set up and put away whatever the weather
  • Attending club and league meetings
  • Patting me on the back when I was down

My son deserved the award, It wasn’t “Because it was my son” thats why it took me so long to make the decision.

I can stand with my head held high and say I made the right decision for the right reasons, Why does my son, also a team member not deserve to be eligible for managers player. I would love to know the general opinion on this if possible.

5 thoughts on “Tempers flare when Coach gives managers player award to his own Son..

  1. You so did the right thing in awarding your son the trophy and I’m sure his little face was a picture when his name was called out. Your son will be in your team probably a lot longer than some of the other players and will have to put up with a lot more of arriving early, leaving late and all that goes with having a dad/coach. My own son manages and coaches an under 8’s team and his son does the same as yours. He didn’t have a managers player trophy this year but a player of the season and a most improved player and put it out to the mums and dads so it was their choice. Keep up the good work, I’m sure your team appreciate all you do.

    1. Yeah I think you did the right thing, and you have explained why, so it is right to expect everyone to accept it and congratulate your son for his contribution to the team.

      I think nearly all volunteer coaches will encounter this predicament at some point. In these cases, it’s helpful if there’s someone else who you could consult on the decision. Someone who helps out at training maybe. I made my son captain but only after a couple of other coaches in the club has assured me it was the right choice.

      1. My hubby coach made our son captain as he said he had all the credentials needed. He has proved himself and all the parents we now have are saying how suited he is to the role but one parent (you always get one!!) said my hubby was being bias!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, same thing happened to me. Even though my coach picked the award, I still felt guilty. Found it really difficult to be happy and chuffed for my boy for fear of the parents reaction.

    In the end the parents seemed ok about it, but is hard!

  3. I agree with you, My Son helps me with putting the nets up corners flags respect barriers and marking the pitches out, all before the other member turn up.

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