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Stotfold juniors tournament

Tournament Name:
Stotfold juniors tournament

Tournament Organiser:
Gary hoy

Tournament Web Address:
Stotfold juniors fc


Entry Fee:

Tournament Email Address:

Tournament Address:
Stotfold fc

Roker park


Sg5 4an

Tournament Information:
We are pleased to announce the Stotfold Junior Football Club Summer Tournament will be held on the fri 7th, sat 8th and sun 9th July 2017. It’s being hosted on Stotfold Football Club’s pitch at Roker Park, The Green, Stotfold, SG5 4AN.

This is a good opportunity for the players to play within a stadium environment, the pitch and venue is often used for Cup Finals. This is our fifth year running this event and every year it has been a huge success with some fantastic feedback. Last year we had age groups filled within a few days and nearly all had a waiting list so please dont delay with booking your place For the non-competitive age groups each player will receive a medal.

Competitive tournament winners/finalists will recieve a trophy each player ,winners also a cup for the team Start times Fri U12 6-30pm Sat U7 9am,U9 11-30am ,U11 3pm, U13 6-30pm Sun U8 9am , U10 12 noon The U12 and 13 tournaments will be played under floodlit conditions which has been a great success in previous years. As you can imagine it’s very popular and a special experience for the players We are offering a very competitive entrance fee to encourage as many teams to take part as possible, plus a further discount if we receive your team’s entry before 1st May This tournament provides an excellent opportunity for your players to continue playing football during the summer and for you to also look at potential new players. The application form is attached and to be returned to myself with your payment.

Please ensure your Affiliation Number is provided, and if you’re booking more than 1 place, please specify a name/colour for each team.

Any queries or questions please feel free to contact me on 07792 252111. Please don’t delay in booking your place as we don’t want to disappoint anyone. T

o secure your place quickly, it’s best to submit a bank transfer, and specify your team name as a reference. Account Number 03936716 / Sort Code 20-41-12. Once your entry has been received with payment, a confirmation email and text message will be sent to confirm your place. In June we will email you with final details of the day. Thanks, Gary Hoy Event organiser


Event organiser

Gary hoy


Have we forgotten what kids football is for?

It’s really sad that people have forgotten what kids football is really about.

  • Is it about winning at all costs? No!
  • Is it about politics between parents/coaches? No!

We know, the same as in a lot of life situations that some children are more talented than others in sport. The same as I know there are people out there that are better brain surgeons than me.

Grab a FREE Grassroots Handbook HERE
Grab a FREE Grassroots Handbook HERE

Should we make the children feel inadequate because of this? Absolutely not! Should we involve the children in club rivalry? No! Should there even be club rivalry at grassroots level??!! As long as they’re playing and having the time of their life’s getting caked in mud on a Sunday morning.. what else matters?

We’re draining the life’s out of these kids week in week out.. The question is would I love my children and be any more proud of them than I am now if they were to be signed to an academy tomorrow..? The answer to that is.. I couldn’t possibly love or be more proud of my children no matter what they do!

I have a son that is a goalkeeper that makes some actual WORLD CLASS saves that I couldn’t..even if I tried stop myself.. and he thinks nothing of scoring goal kicks every now and then.. does he make mistakes.. yes… don’t we all!! But he loves what he does! And so do I!! I have another son.. that takes free kicks like I’ve never seen a 7 year old child take before, he’d put Beckham to shame and that’s not even being biased it’s been said by many people.. is he the strongest player on the pitch? No.. But do I burst with pride every time he touches the ball.. yes!


I have a TEAM full of players that have their own unique little things that make my Sundays and hopefully their Sundays amazing.. are they lucky to have me as their coach… No.. I’m the lucky one!! I don’t vision that we’re going to go on and be world beaters but that doesn’t mean them nor I don’t put the effort in each week purely on the basis that we love the game! No matter what, I can say I’ve taken part in their DEVELOPMENT not only as football players.. but actual human beings as well.

We have a right old laugh week in week out.. At the end of most games they’ll literally come and pile on me and bring tears to my eyes with the little smiles on their faces beaming up at me, hanging on my every word.

It doesn’t end there.. as I don’t just run a team.. I run a club.. and everyone that is part of our club I am proud of.. more so the kids.. after all.. they are what make it!! Let’s give them something back! They are not machines….please for the love of god stop treating them this way!

Yours sincerely,

Disheartened grassroots football manager.


“Are you taking the kids football to seriously?”                  All hell breaks out at kids party

Wow, where do I start with this one. I’ve had a bunch of kids together since they were 4 years old. I’m just a dad of one of the kids who stepped forward when no one else would.

I said from the start that all kids would get the same game time and all kids would play in all positions regardless.

They are now u7s and interact socially away from football and the team are all best friends.

Results wise we win some we lose some, to me I’m trying to build children’s social skills with team play and sport.

Grab your FREE grassroots Mag HERE
Grab your FREE grassroots Mag HERE

This past weekend it was one of the lads birthdays and we were all invited, I thought everything was fine and the parents were happy as no one had said anything to the contrary. I was very wrong.

Half way through the party 2 of the mams and 1 of the dads began what I can only describe as “interrogated” me.

They compared my team to every other team in the league, criticised my coaching methods and the red rag to a bull. My decision to give equal time and rotate positions.

This was all in front of my wife ad elder daughter, I reminded them that it was a team decision to do this and nobody had mentioned it before, I was told I was playing these kids “out of position” and “losing crucial games”

My response was to laugh, and say “I think your taking kids football at little to seriously”

This turned into a tirade of abuse, some quite personal. I will be honest it cut straight through my heart as I give so much time and effort it felt cruel to have it thrown back at me.

I left immediately with my wife and children who were distraught how I was treated in such a public way, in fairness 2 of the parents rang me later and apologised, but 1 refused and took her son to another team.

That night I was so hurt and questioned why I was putting myself out, I then looked back at the positive impact I have had on these kids and the role model I have been and thought, damn right I will continue. Come on the weekend!!!!


Check out Grassroots HERE
Check out Grassroots HERE


Quote from a parent “Where’s all the money gone”

I sent a text out midweek about planning a  Christmas party for the team and their  brothers/sisters, nothing fancy just a small function, maybe a Dj, small buffet,  maybe medals and a trophy each to celebrate Christmas etc



This was for my u7s team, I have 6 players with subs of £2 per week total of £48-£60 per month income from subs.

Anyway, I sent a text saying the party would cost approximately £250 which equates to about £40 per child.




I suggested a range of quick ways to raise funds on the text, bonus ball, raffle, or sell tickets for the party to the friends and families.


I received NO response at all, Sunday’s game came and after the game I spoke to everyone to see what there thoughts were. Clearly 2 of the parents had discussed this all week and said the most insulting words possible to me with an air of suspicion


“Where’s all the money gone?”


Had I been in a different setting my reaction may have been different, I informed these parents that there £2 per week believe it or not wasn’t enough to cover strips/league fees/training fees/medals/trophies/ref fees etc.


I am SOOOO angry that I was made to feel that I had done something with the money, the truth is it actually costs me money!!!!


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Diary entry 21/11/15″Very proud coach”

Coaches diary – Today i enjoyed the greatest experience of my coaching journey to date!!Having chosen the team to start todays game while enjoying my morning coffee i knew the lad I’d chosen to play up front would not be happy about starting in that position (he has confidence issues and is not a big fan of running with the ball), and i was right he was not impressed!! 

I pulled him to one side before the game and had a one to one chat with him, basically telling him i knew he was capable of going out there getting the ball under control and scoring, and that he needed to believe in himself!! 
End result – two goals, MoM and one very happy young lad (and coach).