Then I realised how much these kids had changed my life – Diary of a Grassroots Coach

Because you see I wasn’t watching Chelsea or Man Utd, not even Barcelona…..

I watched them play with so much passion and energy I could feel the love of the game emanating from them. The rhythm of team rang out around the pitch. The players played for each other like there lives depended on it.

I was so close I could hear them talking to each other and to me watching them was like observing a piece of fine artwork.

I felt so privileged to be so close and feel part of this moment.

Grassroots Snoods, perfect for Winter

The respect they showed for the referee and the opposition was what you would expect from role models.

The strips blew gently in the wind.

The atmosphere made the hair on the back of my neck stand on edge and my hands were red and cold with clapping.

And then it struck me how much these players had inspired me and effected my life because you see I wasn’t watching Chelsea or Man Utd, not even Barcelona. I was watching my team, my players, the group I started off as babies of 3, I had wiped their grazed knees, I told them they could, I dressed up as Santa at the xmas party, I gave them their first trophy, I kicked them up the backside when they needed it and put an arm around there shoulder when they needed it.

There 12 years old now and every single one of them are my heroes.


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