Goalkeeping – Dealing with crosses

1 – Goalkeepers in pairs facing each other with one acting as a server while the other one is working (swap who’s working after each go). The keeper with the ball throws the ball high over the other keepers head. That keeper steps back and catches the ball. Swap roles and repeat.

2 – As above but now the thrower throws the ball high and short so the keeper has to move forward and jump to the ball.

3 – A player on either side of the penalty area throws/kicks the ball in for the keeper to deal with. The keeper then throws the ball back. Mix up the crosses (short, long, low, high, lofted, driven). Mix up where the crosses are sent in from (early, late, cut back etc).


– Add another player to put pressure on the keeper

– Harder, quicker crosses







Key points:

– Judge where the ball is going (don’t commit too early)

– Catching technique (W shape with hands, head behind the ball, jump up with one leg coming up for power and protection, meet the ball at the highest point)

– Positioning

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