Defending Phase of Play (defence and midfield)

Defending Phase of Play (defence and midfield)

Blues have to attack in a 2-4-formation (2 wing backs, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers) and score in the main goal. The reds (in a 4v4 formation) have to defend the main goal and attack the two other goals. Have a starting point, for example, a blue striker takes a shot and then the red goalkeeper takes a goal kick that goes to one of the blue wing backs.


Key points:
– Pressuring and covering
– Marking players
– Compactness
– Defenders stand side on ton the half turn) just in case ball is played over the top
– If there is pressure on the ball then defenders should step up (no chance of ball over the top/through) and vice versa
– Defending line (how much the defending team is pressing)

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