Defending Tech/Skill 2 v 2 in the penalty area

Defending Tech/Skill

2 v 2 in the area with the defending team having a goalkeeper and the attacking team having 4 players to pass to on the outside. The attackers have to score while the defending have to stop them. Attackers have 5 goes to try and score, after this swap defenders and attackers over.


– Can start with only pressure and blocking {no tackling)
– Can start with 1 v 1 in the middle
– Outside players can shoot
– Defending team have to play to a outside player to score a point

Key points:
– Jockeying technique
– Slow the attackers down
– Think about where to show the attacker (towards/away from goal/other players)
– when to win the ball (after big touch, mistake etc)
– Commuincation
– Put high pressure on the attacker to stop them from turning and shooting
– In the penalty area/6 yard box the goalkeeper has to act as a third defender and be ready to come out to claim the ball

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